Dostoino Store

Dostoino Store is my main project I have been doing since 2016. 


it is a boutique brand of unique jewelry. Each product is created by me, from the initial design concept to the final polish, with love and attention to every detail. The earrings are composed of brass or neisilber, while our studs are made of silver, which ensures safety and wearing comfort.


At Dostoino, we offer a variety of styles, ranging from elegant classic earrings to bold experimental designs, so that everyone can choose their own unique option. They are perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions, serving as the perfect finishing touch to your look and drawing attention with their uniqueness and originality


The collection is dedicated to the poetess Emily Dickinson. The project is based on herbariums collected by her, which are stored in the Harvard Library archives.

art still photography

The earrings photosets with found objects.

new year collection 2021

Collection with upcycling beads.